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Thursday, 10 September 2015

How To Make Your Windows 7 completely Transparent No Theme Installation Needed

 Windows 7 is the most stable version of  windows and that my favorite anyway   we all love to see new things  don't we?   and today am going to show how you turn your windows 7 completely transparent and thus making it so beautiful . 

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Ethertekug.com has been shifted to  www.ruut.ug and will make NO MORE Posts.


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Before we start there are three thing we need:

windows 7 is the most stable version of  windows and that my favorite anyway   we all love to see new things  don't we?   and today am going to show how you turn your windows 7 completely transparent and thus making it so beautiful   before we start there are three thing we need

1. Go ahead and download the black glass enhance   
2. go ahead and download the  thin white line 
3. Go ahead and download the Universal  Theme Patcher.

After downloading you will get the rar files like the ones on the picture below 

After getting those archives  extract them  and you will get the three folder  now go and open  the universal theme patcher   folder  and they are two theme patcher 64bit  and 32bit  just run one which is according to your windows version if its 64bit  then run x64 theme patcher  if its 32bit   then run the x86  and don't forger to run  it as administrator  because if you don't it won't run .

After running as administrator   you will get a windows like the one in the picture  bellow 

 When you get this dialog box choose your language and click OKAY.  After clicking OKAY  you will have to wait for a second to get  the next box like on the picture bellow.

When you get the dialog box like this one just go ahead and click Yes . 
Note:  My  dialog box won't be the same as your because my operating system is already been patched . 
 After clicking okay you will get a screen like the picture bellow

NOTE:   This screen won't be the same as yours because my 
operating system was already patched. on your screen   you will be asked to patch   you notice that on my screen the patch button are all turned off yeah that because i don't need to patch it i have already done it . just go ahead and click on every patch button on that screen  after finishing wait for the 3 patch confirmation . then after the confirmation close the window but don't restart your computer yet  because you will be asked to restart it .

-Then go ahead and open the black glass enhance folder   and open the run the black glass enhanced.

-After running go to the show hidden icons arrow on the task bar and click  it. and choose the black glass enhanced icon and choose option

 Now go ahead and choose the black glass enhanced icon and choose option you will get like the picture bellow .

-Now go ahead and click  Enable and the click Save  and  restart you computer for all those changes to take place.  after restarting  now go ahead and copy the Thin white line folder and copy it copy the whole folder and go ahead and open Local Disk C: >and open the Windows folder then  open the Resources folder and then open the Theme folder and past the Thin white line there

after pasting the thin while line there now you are good to go  now right click on your desktop and choose personalize the personalize window will open the scrole down and choose the theme you have created it will be called Thine White Line . click on it and you theme will change and become the picture above . ENJOY   
                                                 Hope You Love It

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Ethertekug.com has been shifted to  www.ruut.ug and will make NO MORE Posts.


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Learn The Entire JavaScript In A single Image

Tired of reading and learning a lot  and still you want to learn JavaScript faster?   well that no longer  a problem because  a developer called Yushenge has created  an infographic   that will show you javaScript in one image.  It not only help you to learn faster but it also help you to see how simple and powerful JavaScript can be.

Alright here is the image.

There it is  all you have to do is to save the image and enjoy seeing how faster and easier learning JavaScript can be  with this image . Well ENJOY hole you love  it 

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Friday, 21 August 2015

How to Fix Slow Performance in Windows 10

Many people are complaining about the low performance in windows 10  since it got release  the number of  after the official luck of windows 10  many people have upgraded their PC to windows 10 because its free  but the number of upgrades have decreased compare to other previous windows.

 here am about to show you a way you can work that out and solve the issue of slow performance ,
they are has been a lot of  complain about this issue


This slow performance mostly appear when you click the start button  it take some time before appearing  and so on  let see what we can do to prevent this next time you click.
this issue could be fixed by tweaking the Page File settings in Windows 10 that affects and improves the overall system performance. Here is how to it

1. Open the start menu and click the control panel  

2. When on the control panel go to search field and type in performance and hit enter.

3.Now find Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows.

4. Now after that you need to go to advance tab and click change in the virtual memory section

5.Now uncheck the option “Automatically manage paging file size for all drives.”

6. After that you need to select the drive where windows 10 is install in this case it drive C: and click
 customize.  then Then change Initial Size and Maximum Size to the recommended values by Windows like the ones given bellow .

 7. Now after all that  you now need to click on Set  and  then click on OK  and there you go you have done   one more thing  you now need to restart your computer the changes to take effect  and solve the problem .

 And there you go sir   believe me or not you have  fixed the issue.  Enjoy.

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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Microsoft made a Fully Functional Pc on a stick.

  In partnership with the Indian device maker iBall , Microsoft made a fully functional pc on a stick     more like a flash drive , this flash drive is meant to turn your smart TV in to a fully functional   computer.  after connecting this device on the smart TV,

 In partnership with the Indian device maker iBall , Microsoft made a fully functional pc on a stick more like a flash drive , this flash drive is meant to turn your smart TV in to a fully functional computer.  after connecting this device on the smart TV, which will be connected through HDMI port  you will access a fully PC  running windows 8.1The iBall Splendo  that the name of the device  it came with a wireless wireless desk set  including a keyboard and mouse  so you get a full experience of a PC

At its launch, Microsoft said: “The iBall Splendo is for people who love devices and want to be connected all the time using multiple form factors.

The iBall Splendo runs on the Intel Atom Quad-core processor with 2GB RAM and 32GB storage space  a multi-channel digital audio, a micro SDXC slot, USB port, micro-USB port, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 and HD graphics and it come with one year warranty
the price is 140 $ that is 497,980 UGX .

About shipping the iBall splendo  will start  on july in india  still unclear yet of it release in other part of the world  but this is really good device   comouter are getting more and more smaller  if you don't know what am talking about just take a look at the first computer,  that thing could fill the whole house 

Anyway hope you like  it, let us know what you feel about this one .

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Monday, 17 August 2015

How to Download Any video on Youtube Without using any Software

Many people ask them selves why there cn't just be a download link on youtube video . well that is because Google has not implemented any official download option to protect copyrighted videos. But as you know there is always a way  so there is a way a simple way that you can bypass that and download the videos just like there was link . 

Here is how:

1. first you need to open the video that you want to download for example i want to download this video

Notice that i have got a download link just beside subscribe link  well don't be surprise you will also get one of those in a sec .

2. After  you have got the video that you want to download  you now need to go to the address  where the video link is and add  ss  just infront  of youtube  like in the picture bellow .


 after adding those two ss press enter  
you will be taken to a website that  will generate your download link 

3. whe you are on that website you need now to  go down and select the website where your video was from let say if you you downloaded the video from youtube then you need to click on youtube link just below   there are a lot of video websikte link over there just click on the website where your video is from in my case my video is from youtube so am going to click on the youtube link 
4. you will be asked to install their add-on   go ahead amd install it  it will be integrated on your browser  . after integration  you will get a successful download like the picture below .

 6. After that you are done  . now all you have to do is to go to the website where your video is and when get to your video  you need to  look at your browser task bar you see a button for the integrated website , just click on it  to call the helper menu  you will get a menu like this one 

After that you are ready to go all you hev to do is to look your vidoe for your download link click and your donwload will start right after clicking .

Hope you guys enjoy       


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How to offline install .NET Framework 3.5 in Windows 10

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Windows 10 is a new version of windows out  and  it came with .NET framework 4.5 pre-installed, but many apps developed in Vista and Windows 7 era require the .NET framework v3.5 installed along with 4.5. These apps will not run unless you will install the required version. When you try to run any such app, Windows 10 will prompt you to download and install .NET framework 3.5 from the Internet. However, this will take a lot of time

 You can save your time and install .NET Framework 3.5 from the Windows 10 installation media. This method is much faster and does not even require an Internet connection. Here is how to install it.

Here are the steps to install .NET framework 3.5 in windows 10:

1. Insert your windows 10 DVD or any way you are using to install windows whether it a bootable flash drive  with windows doesn't matter  what you are using it will all do the job just fine

2. Open 'This PC' in File Explorer and note the drive letter of the installation media you have inserted. me m using disk D:  it might not be the same as your but it still the same.

3. after that you need to open an elevated command prompt  you open an elevated command prompt by opening the command prompt as administrator 

4. Now copy the given code in the command prompt exactly as it written  but change the letter D: with your  drive letter that you are using 

Dism /online /enable-feature /featurename:NetFX3 /All /Source:D:\sources\sxs

you can also use this batch file to make things smooth and fast depending on what you want anyway .

@echo off
Title .NET Framework 3.5 Offline Installer
for %%I in (D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z) do if exist "%%I:\\sources\install.wim" set setupdrv=%%I
if defined setupdrv (
echo Found drive %setupdrv%
echo Installing .NET Framework 3.5...
Dism /online /enable-feature /featurename:NetFX3 /All /Source:%setupdrv%:\sources\sxs /LimitAccess
echo .NET Framework 3.5 should be installed
) else (
echo No installation media found!
echo Insert DVD or USB flash drive and run this file once again. 
 How to use it :  just copy the text given,  past it in notepad give it a name  and save the file as .cmd 
Note: don't forget .cmd  when you are naming your file or nothing is going to work and then open it as administrator  it should be open as administrator or it not going to work .

Hope you enjoy.

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Ethertekug.com has been shifted to  www.ruut.ug and will make NO MORE Posts.


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Monday, 10 August 2015

How To Hack YAKA (UMEME) Meter [Get Free Electricity]

If you live around Kampala, chances are you have already been moved from the digital electric meter to what UMEME calls "YAKA" If UMEME hasn't brought YAKA to you"YET", you can be sure they are soon at your door step any time from now.

This article is only for educational purposes and so i won't be held responsible for your actions.

In this article, there comes lots of theories and just one proven method to hack the YAKA prepaid meter.
So, What is Yaka Really. Yaka is an electric meter particularly made for UMEME by a company based in south Africa called Conlog to reduce on electricity hacking and get ride of their meter readers pay role. How ever, after all this time in deployment, YAKA is after all not a full proof solution for UMEME. how? UMEME as a company doesn't really make these meters. All the work is don in South Africa by a company called Conlog. You want to hack YAKA? Conlog is the real deal. Here is an article that was written buy Conlog in 2011 when it all started: New business methods in Uganda

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Ethertekug.com has been shifted to  www.ruut.ug and will make NO MORE Posts.


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As these guys website say's "Conlog has been leading the prepayment industry for more than 20 years. Our solutions bring the best in metering, vending, revenue management and associated support services, to ensure the sustainability of your project, now and tomorrow... "
Really you got to give credit to these guys.
Now. getting into the Hacking,In a video I found online, I gathered that one has to actually open up/ break into the casing of the system if they wanted to hack it

In the above video, A technician at Conlog South Africa takes us through how conlog meters are made and some where along the lines he mentions some thing about how to get through it. Even though most of these meters are tamper proof in that it might not go back together as it was after you break it.

Apart from this hack, there are a lot of theories including something i mentioned in my previous How To Hack A Weel meter which is Adding strong magnets side by side which personally i don't thick will ever work since nothing metallic actually detamins the electricity usage. I will out line and may be talk a little of what i know about a specific theory and then i will give you something that actually works. and actually worked for a few people i know however later ware caught and hard to pay a few fines.

This article is only for educational puposes and so i won't be held responsible for your actions.

Theory 1: Attacking a smart meter’s memory-through hardware.

Theory 2: Using a digital radio to Hack a Smart Meter

Theory 3: Accessing the meter with a wireless Device

Theory 4: Spreading malware to the Smart Meter’s network

Theory 5: Measuring the Smart Meter’s electrical consumption

The 5 out lines are all from here: 5 Hacks That Render Smart Meters Dumb

Personally i didn't find any of these really help full but maybe some one out there could check it out and may be find a more effective hack. I call them theories because i didn't relate any to our country and, quite honestly i don't think of YAKA as a Smart Meter. Its just a prepaid electricity device that was introduced to Uganda a few years ago.

The Yaka meter in your house is just for outputting and inputting data, like typing in your token, and displaying how much you have left. Actually, the real magic happens up on the electric pal on that box/s hanging and that's where your meter in the house gets and puts all its information. so you could say if your credit is due, your meter only sends a signal to the big box on the pole through the wiring and then, its the circulate breakers job in that box to turn your power off. even when you load a token, the meter only sends it to the box, then the box again, Does the magic to calculate how much the code you brought has to give you. Don't be fooled, those meters don't have a network system otherwise they wouldn't have wires from the pole's box. i have hard people talking about how the meter is connected to umeme offices but think about it, Those guys can only tell when you last bought or loaded a token and all about the previous purchases, but they cant tell how much electricity was used in a day or a satain week. Now did you know that if you call your phone number's service provider and ask them how you have used your credit they will give you full details of when and what you used it, But UMEME can't. and that's one of the reasons i don't like to call it a smart Meter other wise i think every smart device has got to have network/internet. Ok what does all this lead us to,

We know that all the math and magic is done on the big box on the poles. But how do we get to it, If you are human enough, also not a professional electrician, am sure i don't have to tell you it's just crazy climbing an electric pole. So please don't. as i said, this is only for educational purposes even though you may get some professional to climb and confirm for you. I may self haven't been up there but i am telling you this after a long time research and i have seen this working in a few places.

Now for the steps.

Again: This article is only for educational purposes and so i won't be held responsible for your actions.

After climbing that pole, What you need  is anything that can cut through an electrocuted wire and a non-conductor of electricity.

Step 1: Trace for the big-black wire that brings power to your house.

Step 2: Find the pole on which it's attached. [One of the wires in the big wire should go direct to the box which then moves on out to a live wire on the pole]

Step 2:  Cut the live wire to the box from the black wire of your house [Red]. After citing it from the box, the meter at your house should power off

Step 4: Connect the wire you cut to the same red wire the box is connected to [the wire that passes power through the box]

At this time, power come to your house. But this time, all Free. Any electricity used after this will be free. Enjoy!

Note: The wiring will not be the same for all cases. In some places several houses can be connected to the same box on the pole. In this case refer to "How it works" below.

How this works:

In this trick, all we did was to bypass the system in the box at the electric pole. So the meter will think the power is just off and so causes it not to calculate any more power.
For the case of a number of houses connected to the same box, just identify your own wire and find a way to bypass that box.

Like i said: This is only for educational purposes and so i won't be held responsible for your actions. and be care full.

If you liked this article, please follow me on Twitter: @elitpeter
& My other Awesome Handle @ruutug

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Monday, 22 June 2015

ITS OFFICIAL: UCC Has Cut off Analog TV. What next

If you have been wondering why your analog TV is off, You are not the only one. And if you live in Kampala, you probably have heard of "Digital Migration" at least once.

Below is the UCC (Uganda communications commission) official statement.
In light of this International deadline, the Commission shall be carrying out a phased switch off from 15th June 2015 leading to the period of total switch-off of analogue transmission in the entire country. The Commission is currently monitoring for any interference by analogue signals of the Digital signal at all of Uganda¡’s border points. The Commission hereby informs you that it is satisfied with the current digital terrestrial coverage that has existed for the past 18 months in Kampala and areas 60 (sixty) Km outside Kampala.
the UCC has made planes on switching off analogue in Uganda as a whole by the end of September as this was only done in Kampala on the 15th of this moth. Below is the time and region of switch off for the whole of Uganda.
15th/06/2015 - First was Kampala
31st/07/2015 - Second will be Arua,Masindi, Mbarara, masaka, Kisoro, Hoima and Mbale
31st/08/2015 - Lastly, analogue will be turned biza in Lira, Gulu, Fort Portal, Rukungiri, Ntungamo, Soroti, Jinja and Kabale

In a few days from now we'll be showing a way to watch Digital TV Completely free.
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Saturday, 20 June 2015

How To clean Your Computer RAM Using Notepad

Some time you may get a computer crash just because your ram is overloaded with data and you just ask your self how you can clean it out   well that won't be a question anymore because you are about to learn  how to do it by your self without any software.

Here are the step to clean your RAM using notepad:

1. open your notepad 

2. type in the following code exactly how you see theme here:  FreeMem=Space(10240000000)

3. save it as   CLEANER.VBS  to any location you want  and any case you want i just wrote it in upper case so that you see it very well

4.You can edit the code and write 512 instead of 1024 if you own a 512mb RAM or change to anything you like.

5. Run it

6. Sit back relax have a cup of coffee let it do it thing;   ENJOY

If you find this tutorial useful leave us a comment bellow 

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